We are currently running MS Exchange Server with Outlook clients across our multi-national network.

We are the software engineering group of the corporation, and moving away from Windows desktop environments to better support our development methods. Unfortunately this is causing us problems with email/calendar compatibility.

I have tested Zimbra Desktop, and found it cannot be configured to our Exchange using MAPI, which is based on corporate policy.

I read somewhere, or was advised, that Zimbra Network comes with appropriate connectors for a MAPI Exchange, but I am not sure if this understanding is correct. I read the ZCS documents, and saw it could allow Outlook to connect to the Zimbra Server, but have not confirmed that the Zimbra Network Client can connect properly to Exchange.

We do not wish to change or replace our Exchange servers, but would be happy to pay for client software that works well.

We have a workaround, using evolution-ews, which is free, but it does not quite provide all the functionality we require, and get from Outlook on Windows.