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Thread: CPU I/O resource useage by zdesktop.exe

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    Default CPU I/O resource usage by zdesktop.exe

    I have resource usage concerns with ZD.

    Running: Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 GA (build 11637) on Windows 7
    Against: Release 8.0.0.GA.5434.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.

    We see absurd levels of I/O Read Bytes and an average use of CPU around 10%.

    In 24 Hrs we typically see 600GB+ of I/O Read Bytes for zdesktop.exe in Task Manager.
    Over a 4 day period a week ago I saw 2.9TB of I/O Read Bytes for zdesktop.exe.

    This level of Read I/O is far beyond the activity of even the AV solution on the system.

    zdclient.exe uses 1000 times less I/O Read Bytes in the same period.

    zdesktop.exe is frequently at the top of the CPU usage also, averaging around 10%.

    We've just started to experiment with Zimbra, so I'm barely using ZD to do a bit of email.

    I don't see any other reports of this kind of behavior via forum searches.

    Oddly this resource usage does not seem to affect the responsiveness of the
    computer running ZD, but I'm not willing to bet on the same outcome in
    production usage.

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