Hi there.

I like Zimbra Desktop, but the only thing I cant find out how to do is to make life easier for users to configure they credentials.

I have a environment where we are almost forced to use a hosted version of ZCS by our local authority (we are a school). We didn't want to use POP3 with outlook and the hosted version we use only allows access via POP3 or the webmail interface. I found that Zimbra Desktop worked and rolled that out for the staff that use email throughout the day. These people have their own desks and their machines are only re-imaged once a year, so admin of ZDesktop isn't really a problem.

The thing is the rest of the staff and the children... they really hate using the webmail, having to enter their credentials all the time. I would like to offer them ZDesktop but that would be even more details to enter, name, server, credentials etc. I know they would only have to do this once, but we re-image the machines every term, just to keep them fresh and knock out any bugs or make changes that have been requested. This coupled with the face that anybody may log into any machine in school to check email would mean probably that credentials would have to be entered into ZDesktop probably every time.

So what I would like to know is..... is there a script I can use to enter credentials for users. If they are on a machine that they haven't used before they could run it and Zdesktop would be populated with their credentials, or is there a way the settings can follow them. We currently use folder redirection for documents etc, would directing the App Data folder carry these settings?

Thanks in advance