Good day all,

I have had an annoying issue for while now and i hoped upgrading to the new version of eset 5.x would resolve the issue.. but it really hasnt.

I would occasionally get a prompt from ESET that it has quarantine a Trojan and terminated the connection to zdesktop.exe. Now email has been in fact deleted.. but some zdesktop clients still wouldn't connect to download email.. They see a red box next to the email account.. They can click send/receive and it would download mail.. but still go back to having a red box next to the account name... Even restarting zdesktop doesn't solve the issue. And its nuts to even suggest that i tell eset not to scan the zdesktop folder... thats alot of machines.

So what else can i do on the server side or in zdesktop itself?

I am presently using Eset Endpoint Security Suite