I was trying to import a second calendar using a iCal feed. But I imported that iCal feed into my main stuartf calendar. I do not know how to remove the feed. Now the iCal feed in populating my main Orion stuartf account.

Can the feed be removed from the server (back end) side/level? I have search the web for a answer and can't find anything. Can we remove and recreate the account? other options?2-feeds.PNG

(What I Did) - this is not what I wanted to do. (in red on the attached pic)
Importing your iCal calendar
Zimbra Desktop Help

(What I should have done) - this is what i wanted to happen (in blue in the attached pic)
To synchronize to a remote (Google) calendar, log into your Zimbra calendar:

1. Click the Calendar tab.

2. Click New Calendar on the toolbar.

3. In the Create New Calendar dialog box, enter the following:

Name: enter a name for this calendar

Color: choose a color to display this calendar's activities

Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times: check to exclude; uncheck to include

Synchronize appointments from remote calendar: check

URL: enter a valid iCal file URL for the remote (Google) calendar (See below)

4. Click OK. The new calendar will be displayed in your Calendar list.