So Outlook on my 3-year-old Win7 PC w/Zimbra connector just seems to wheeze (biig pst file no doubt -- AND 22K e-mails - 3 months worth - in the work mail to sync.)
So I downloaded Zimbra Desktop couple weeks ago, works great with home AND work e-mail! (I know it's 'always syncing,' even when closed, but I can live with that;-)
But here's the odd thing - my home mail is a POP3 account through our cable provider. I have other ways to access it - like the new which I've grown to like.
But even when signed out there - and anywhere else - for some reason, ZD when I start in the morning WON'T grab the overnight home e-mail - it only starts with when I started it - unlike the work mail which of course re-syncs with what's happened overnight.
Am I missing a setting or something obvious? I don't mind using but it does make me wonder why it does that.
Barney Lerten - Bend, Oregon