I just installed ZD to replace Outlook 2010 (long story that ends with me reaching the limits of my patience).

I have the account set up to sync with my business email (i.e., me@mywebsite.com) which is hosted through Yahoo. Everything appears to be working fine so far, but I need ZD to sync the folders I've set up within that email account. This is kind of important because it's how I separate/organize communications with my different customers.

According to the Help file:
"For IMAP or POP accounts, the Inbox, Sent, Draft, folders are synchronized to the Zimbra Desktop. Your Trash and Spam folders are not synchronized. If you created other email folders, they are not synchronized initially, but you can sync these folders individually. Contact lists and calendars are not synced to Zimbra Desktop."

I wasn't able to find any instructions on how to sync individual folders. I created a folder in ZD identical to one of the folders in my mail server, however, right-clicking on the folder doesn't offer "sync"--or anything like it--as one of the options.

How do I get ZD to import/sync/manage these folders and their contents?