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Thread: Zimlet Name and Description not displayed

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    Default Zimlet Name and Description not displayed

    Hi, would you be able to help me with the following issue.

    I have Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 GA build 11637 English US ruining on Ubuntu 12.04.1 64-bit en_US.UTF-8. The list of Zimlets under Preferences->All Accounts contains ${msg.label}/${msg.zimletLabel} and ${msg.description} instead of the actual name and description of the Zimlet, for all Zimlets. Any idea how I can get the name and description to display properly?

    Thank you.

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    Fixed... by trial and error.

    First, I deleted the contents of folder <user home>/<zimbra desktop>/data/tmp/diskcache/zimletres/latest but this did not fix the issue. Next, I installed some new Zimlets and this did it. After a ZD restart all Zimlets are listed again with their name and description under Preferences.

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