Windows XP SP3. ZD 7.2.1

This is a hard problem to explain well, but the last few versions of ZD have caused my enitre system to freeze up on occasion. I can still move the cursor around the screen, but all the windows get frozen and I can't minimize, maximize or do anything with them. Also, something happens to the cursor/pointer and it flickers rapidly. Sometimes it only affects ZD and I can use the other programs. But sometimes everything else gets unresponsive too. It only happens when ZD is running. Also, I usually cannot do a system shutdown when it happens because when I try to shut down either I am unable to select the system shutdown commands or, if I am, nothing happens when I select them. It's about at 90% hard freeze up.

It happens about once, sometimes twice per day. I did not have this problem until the last couple of versions of ZD.

Today, I tried to do a system shutdown and it was unable to close the zdclient.exe process and I had to terminate the process to do a shut down.

This happens on 3 different computers I use so I am assuming that it has already been reported and that you guys are aware of it. Although with a quick search I didn't see anything here. I hope it can be fixed because it's a real pain! ZD is awesome except for this problem.