Hi all,

I appologize if I duplicate an already existing topic, but the issue is of personal importance to me. Without further intro I will explain.

I downloaded Zimbra Desktop to test it as a free alternative of MS Outlook. I am currently using Windows 7 Professional x64bits. I add two different email accounts to it: Gmail+one not very famous. What happend is that, on the second account, once the Zimbra Desktop syncornized, the original messages in my email (when I log in through a browser) disappeared. I want them back there OR I just want a backup of them, since I am soon switching to Windows 8.

There are a couple of threads regarding back up, BUT the commands they describe are NOT present in my version of Zimbra Desktop: Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 GA (build 11637). So I what I am asking is how do I retrive or backup my messages? Do they reappear when I uninstall Zimbra Desktop>?

Thanks in advance