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Thread: need help with contact groups

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    Default need help with contact groups

    hi, not sure if i should have posted this here or in general forum, but i need some help with something.

    basically i had originally set up my contacts in a perceived logical way. that is, create new folders/categorizes for specific people, family, misc. stuff etc.
    however to my dismay you cant cc or bcc (not even sure about forwarding) the entire group of people in those specific folders. take my family folder for example. i have 50-ish emails in that one alone. if i wanted to send an email to my entire family group, it isnt possible the way i have it currently set up. or to my knowledge anyway.

    then i learned about creating 'contact groups'

    all well and good. easy enough. except one problem. there is no simple way to transfer all the already set up folder groups. for example, i'd like to move all my email addresses from my family folder to a family contact group. reading the tutorials i've found you have to dig through your whole contact list. i have over 500 contacts that i would have to sort through and re-categorize into contact groups.

    needless to say it will be painful, and there has to be a simpler way that i dont know about... right?

    any help/advice would be appreciated. thanks.

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    You can highlight all of the contacts that you want to add into a group, right-click, find "Contact Groups", and then you can select an existing group to add them to, or create a new group to make them part of.
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