Hi everyone - we are hoping that someone could help shed some light on a problem we are facing in our office. We recently implemented the Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Open Source Edition it is an excellent piece of system. However, we have just noticed that the out of office feature is not working as it should (Or maybe it is, but we have done something or not completed something required). Internal to internal is working but external to internal does not appear to be sending the bounce back out of office message to the sender. Using Google we found that we can check the mailbox.log file for information. However, I have to assume that the system is trying to send the message as it display mailbox - outofoffice sent dest='user@gmail.com' rcpt='user@company_domain.com'. We don't see anything regarding OOO or OutOfOffice message not being sent or errors.

We only have one domain configured in the Zimbra Collaboration Server which is just our organizations domain. Does anyone know what exactly we might be missing or configured wrong in Zimbra. Why is our out of office not boucning back to external senders. Please help or steer us in right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Inbound/Outbound mail flow works.

Thank you!