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Thread: thousands of duplicates in hotmail account

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    Default thousands of duplicates in hotmail account

    Hi I just installed Zimbra a couple of days ago, I have been very happy with it until for some reason it seems to be going mad with my hotmail account (POP3). I have at least 8 and counting duplicates of every mail now in that account. This is not showing up on the hotmail account itself (like if I go to and take a look at it there), it seems that Zimbra is downloading each message several times and counting them all as separate. I'm not sure even what to delete, if there are 8 mails and I delete 7 of them, will one of them be the "real" one and will it get deleted on my hotmail account too? Apart from which there are far too many to delete 7 of anything and it seems to be creating new copies regularly. I know it's a big account but 2 days later Zimbra is still downloading from it and the number of mails keeps increasing, it must be because it's duplicating everything. Currently apparently it has 32,000 emails in it!! that's crazy.

    Strangely I have another hotmail account as well and this does not seem to be happening with that one.

    Since writing the first 2 paragraphs, I have tried resetting the account and that has not worked, any suggestions? I'm already on copy 2 of all the emails... I will try removing it entirely and starting again. There are no error messages on the account since I reset it but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

    OK I removed it twice and started from scratch and it still seems to have a life of its own. Can anyone help here?
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