I'm running into a problem with my users who need to copy sections out of an excel file and paste it into and email. Here is what I have found.

Scenario 1. Excel to Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 GA (build 11637) Email (html selected, not plain text)
Pasting directly from Excel strips all formatting to include fonts, colors, borders and fills.

Excel Example Pasted To Zimbra Desktop
excel.PNG ZD.PNG

Scenario 2. Excel to Zimbra Web Client in Chrome 23.0 and Firefox 18.0
Pasting Directly from excel strips all formatting

Excel Example Pasted to Chrome and Firefox
excel.PNG ZD.PNG

Scenario 3. Excel to IE 9
Pasting Directly from excel preserves majority of formatting, except for text orientation within a cell
excel.PNG ie.PNG

Forcing everyone to use IE 9 for their email is not going to happen. So why doesn't it work with Zimbra Desktop ideally? or the other primary browsers? I know Zimbra Desktop can display the pasted images because when I save the email as a draft in IE and go to the desktop client I can open it and it has all the formatting and I can continue to edit as a table within the Desktop client.

Any help would be appreciated on this. Feel free to ask for any information that I have left out