Hi all,

I have finally managed to install Zimbra Desktop (7.2.1 GA, build 11637, on Windows 7 SP! 32-bit), after eventually getting past the infuriating email account set-up dialog. Apparently if you cannot set up an email account that validates successfully, thou shalt not start the program. Controlling idea to begin with, but in addition, the set-up does not allow the choice of TLS for the outgoing server. As a result, my account (IMAP) would not validate and I could get nowhere. After trying all possible combinations, I finally got through with no encryption, port 25, and server login. Naturally enough, the account does not work, since the server requires TLS encryption on port 587. I have searched the help, but there is no mention of TLS, and I cannot find this setting via the interface.

Does anyone know whether Zimbra Desktop supports TLS for the smtp server, and if so, how to enable it? Or is there some other solution?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.