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Thread: Text from document ending up in Zimbra-mail by accident

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    Default Text from document ending up in Zimbra-mail by accident

    Dear All,

    We are using Zimbra ( zcs-7.2.0 ) on Centos6.3 - both the server and the laptops people are using is Centos.
    We have some 160 people using this and it goes without much trouble.

    Now I have a user who reports having a LibreOffice file open with some text on it, and that text ending up somehow in a Zimbra mail.
    My first idea was to disable the ctrl -v shortcut on his laptop, assuming he accidently copied this to the mail.

    But as is shown in the attached screenshot, somehow the text - I blacked it out for privacy - ended up above the title on top.

    Does anyone have a clue on how this could have happened?

    Many thanks for anyone who can offer any advise

    Greetings, J.
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