The zdclient.exe is a resource hog that seems to be doing some massive background operation even when there are no emails to get and even when Zimbra is running as a background task.

If I was using a desktop maybe it would not be a big issue but I am using an i7 Intel Dual core laptop that ramps up and down in response to the zdclient requests and the heat generated is a real concern. The CPU fan makes a lot of noise during this process which disturbs my colleagues in the office but my personal concern is the heat generated by the CPU ramping is going to shorten the life span of my laptop by a chunk.

What is this program doing in the background that requires 10%+ of CPU resources. I do run a backup but that occurs around 10am every day without being noticed.

The zdclient is doing something that I am not aware of and I would like suggestions please as I need to solve this.