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Thread: Names in header not associated with email

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    Default Names in header not associated with email

    I am just getting started with Zimbra desktop, and I've noticed something odd. I suppose some might find it helpful, but I'm not so sure.

    A particular email header in the list to the left has not only my name and the name of the person to whom I wrote (and who responded), it also has my name twice (holding the cursor on each pops up windows with my two Gmail addresses). That just seems odd. Even worse, though, is the fact that it includes a person's name who had nothing to do with the email! I suspect the connection is that I named an organization in my email, and in my Google Contacts that organization name is included with the info about that person. Does Zimbra search through all my contacts to ferret out such information? I'd like to change that. It'll be confusing to scan the list and see the name of someone in a header who is not associated with that particular email.

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    get a screen capture...

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