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Thread: Yahoo! account problems

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    Unhappy Yahoo! account problems

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and Avast anti-Virus on my ASUS N51 Notebook computer. I upgraded my Zimbra Desktop software to 7.2.2 GA two days ago. I got a red circle with a white X in it on all of my GMail and Yahoo accounts. When I went to the Setup Page in Zimbra, there was a message about an SSL Certificate error on all of my Yahoo! accounts. The mesage also said to reauthorize my accounts with Yahoo's OAuth. There is no way that I can find to edit the account and renew the OAuth information.

    Since all of the data is stored on Yahoo's servers I just deleted the Yahoo accounts and tried to re-add the accounts. I continue to get failures while re-adding these accounts. I have set up a number of computers to run ZD. This is a very frustrating issue. I have attached a document with screen shots so someone can get a better look at what I am seeing.

    All of your help is very appreciated,


    I can also be reached at

    This issue has been solved. Thank You all for your help!
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