I've just moved to Zimbra, from years on GroupWise and Thunderbird, and still learning. So far, things are going good. However, I can't find a way to enable a new message count on folders with subfolders. The count does work on individual folders, just not on groups of folders. At this point, I'm working through my other issues, but this one is driving me crazy.

For this example, I have a folder called Vendors. Inside that folder are subfolders like ....HP, IBM, Novell, Symantec...and so on. I have filters that place mail from those individual vendors into the appropriate folders. If I expand the folder Vendor, I can see the counts on the individual folder (HP). But the root folder, Vendor gives no count, or notice that there is new mail contained within. The only way I know is to go in and expand every folder that has subfolders to find that there is new mail within them.

Is there a setting somewhere to allow this, or is this something Zimbra can not do.