Hello Everyone,

After digging and searching through the forum I have not been able to address an issue with mailto links.

Here is my scenario:

Windows 7 64 Pro

My Zimbra Desktop client has "Systems Default" checked so it is my default email client.

I have no other email clients installed except the Windows Live mail which has never so much as been opened.

I have built a simple html file on my desktop with a mailto link with no special attributes, just the email address.

Internet Explorer 10: Seems to work fine, brings up a new tab in Zimbra Desktop with the email address in the "To:" box

Firefox 20.0.2: Asks me for my default email client, has the Zimbra desktop link in the choices but it thinks I am telling it where to load the config file from ("Unable to load config file: mailto:blah@blah.com")

I have read all kinds of posts in the forums but have yet to see anything that addresses this specific issue..

Beyond this, we are also seeing other issues on another machine when clicking URLs that have more complex stuff like Subject and Body but I think just getting simple URLS to work first would be a better way to go without complicating things.

Thank you in advance.