I am trialing zimbra desktop as an alternative to thunderbird as thunderbird is soon to be no more as mozilla has already given the official EOL and only supporting bugfixes but no further development. sad sad.


So far so good with zimbra im happy with it, however i cannot do something that i thought i could and thunderbird did very well with the lightning extension.

In google calendar our organization has calendars and we share our calendars amoungst ourselves, in thunderbird i used to be able to add a new calendar that was my collegaues and because i had shared rights to it i could successfully view his calendar as well as make modifications to it.

For some reason i cannot add shared calendars, i can only see my own calendars.

I tried using the 'sync remote calendar option' in zimbra desktop but when i try and use the iCAL link that google tells me to use for other applications i get a Critical error, the address is not reachable.

Why is this happening ? and can some please guide me on how to add a shared calendar, this feature is extremely important to me and our organization and without it will render us not being able to take zimbra as an alternative to what we have currently.

Hope someone can help. Thanks.