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Thread: Is it possible to synchronize Android Contacts/Cal with SD *without* Zimbra server ?

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    Default Is it possible to synchronize Android Contacts/Cal with SD *without* Zimbra server ?


    Everything is in the title. Please note, I've already seen the question, but unless I misunderstood, all answers were pointless, because proposing Zimbra *server* solutions.

    Here are more details : I'm investigating Zimbra Desktop as a free replacement of Outlook, for my private usage. I'm currently using Outlook on XP and Win7 as :
    1. A mail POP client for my mail POP accounts, which are either Gmail, MS, or my Internet provider (please note, none are Zimbra server based)
    2. Occasionnally a mail Exchange client
    3. Calendar and task management
    For these three first items, Zimbra would be perfect
    4. Finally, and that's the reason for this post, as the source for my Android mobile contacts and calendar. I'm synchronizing them using a free software, myDesktopCompanion.

    In order to be able to completely replace Outlook, I'd need to get a way to perform this synchronization with Zimbra Desktop. I've seen references to calDav and cardDav, but my understanding is that they work with ZCS (server side), not ZD. Another sync software is LVsync, but it seems to need a Zimbra account, which I understand is remote, while I want the contacts and calendar to remain on the desktop.

    So, are there ways to sync Android contacts and calendar directly with ZD, without ZCS, and with no remote upload of the contacts and calendar ?

    Thanks for your help and best regards.
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