hello all,

my laptop crash on me 2 days ago. i had recover all the application onto my new laptop. the last thing to do is recovering my private mail sitting on Zimbra Desktop.
all my Zimbra folders are intact..... but i need help on the recovery procedure.
any advice appreciated.


Not sure if this has impact to my recovery.... post it in just case......

STEP that i did to move the STORE into Secondary Disk

1. Change Directory to
- C:\Users\weleow\AppData\Local\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop

2. Copy to new FOLDER
- C:\Users\weleow\AppData\Local\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\store

3. Rename store to store-backup
C:\Users\weleow\AppData\Local\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop> rename store store-backup

4. Using Symbolic links command
- mklink "C:\Users\weleow\AppData\Local\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\store" F:\1_MAILS\ZimbraDesktopMail\store