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Thread: Address Book not showing up [screens]

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    Question Address Book not showing up [screens]

    I've recently started testing out Zimbra Desktop (v. 7.2.2), and the problem I'm running into is being unable to manage my Address Book/Contacts correctly. I first discovered this after importing my contacts, and when I went to compose a new message, AutoComplete was not working. When I go to the Address Book tab, I only see Local Folders Menu. If I go to create a new Address Book, the popup menu does show the e-mail that I've set up with ZD, however, any newly created address books are not showing up under the Address Book tab. Importing new contacts only allows me to import into Local Folders. I did some research without much luck, but I did come across this page, and the screens on it unfortunately do not match what I see on my ZD. Hopefully this is just some checkbox I'm missing, but I ran through preferences multiple times without seeing anything related to this problem.

    Only local folders come up under Address Book:

    Creating a new Address book DOES show a separate address book list:

    Settings for my personal address book:

    Importing into personal e-mail does NOT show Address Books/contact folder:

    Importing same file into local folders comes up with local address books only:

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit: This issue, by the way, occurs on two completely different machines. One is Windows 8 HP Tower with an AMD A8 processor, another is Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite laptop with an Intel i3 processor.
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    Can anyone else confirm this issue? Am I the only one with this problem? I mean, the thread is at 700 views in 4 days, I imagine at this point there are more people looking for the same answers I am?

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    I have the same issue but have found a workaround.

    1. Go to 'Setup' and on the Main Account select 'Edit'
    2. You don't have to do anything simply click on 'Validate & Save'
    3. Click 'Launch Desktop' and your Address Book and AutoComplete should work again although it only seems to be a temporary fix you may have to do again.

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