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Thread: Zimbra Import from exported Zimbra .tgz

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    Default Zimbra Import from exported Zimbra .tgz

    I have a 2GB Zimbra export .tgz.
    I'm trying to import into Zimbra desktop.
    After choosing the correct file, I click the Import button under Local Folders without changing any settings (Resolve duplicates = ignore / no advanced settings) and click import.
    Nothing seems to happen - there is no progress bar.
    How do I know it's working?
    Can I navigate away from the Import screen?
    Thanks for any assistance.

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    It looks like the Import is done, yet from a 2GB import there is only 140MB listed as Mailbox Size in Local Folders...
    Where is the rest of the Email??
    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Default Same Problem

    I have the same problem here trying to import a 7gb account. If anyone know how to solve this, please tell me.

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