I'm new to Zimbra - using it for 2 Months now.
At first, everything worked fine.
After aproximately one week, the Zimbra Desktop started to stall with a PRISM-error "PRISM not working ..."
This happend about once a day.
would not bother me to much, if this would be all. about 2-3 days later, this error started to show more often.

I'm using Win7 Ultimate with the latest Updates installed.
I tried the following:
  1. reinstall Zimbra Desktop
  2. complete reinstall of Win7

Right now, the error occurs about 4 times a day. Sometimes it shows directly after the start of the desktop - sometimes it works fine for hours.
I could not find a "trigger" for this error. Every time the timeframe is about the same. Directly after the fresh installation everything is fine - after a while the error occurs.
The biggest chance to get it is trying to open a mail instead of viewing it in the viewing pane.

Does anyone have an idea what is happening in there?