Emails "Backup Yahoo" not transported to local folder and deleted the original
folder by ZD on Yahoo

How I lost my life:
1 - I created a local folder.
2 - I clicked on Move a folder "Backup Yahoo" with over 2000 emails to this
folder location.
3 - Only 202 were transported to a local folder.
4 - Soon after, ZD deleted the original folder in the "Backup Yahoo" and in the
Yahoo, as it was synchronized to the server.

It was my first job (08-09-2013) in ZD 7.2.2 and had not yet backed up.

Yahoo sent me to come to the ZD. How to recover the folder? Is it possible? Who
should decide the deletion of the folder would not be the user, when he saw
that all mails were transported? To delete a folder on the Yahoo user without
their authorization also seemed improper...

Following suggestions found on the internet:
Renan Cariello : Software Livre, TomCat, OcoMon, Aplicações na Web, Zimbra ... | Tecnologia da Informação e Segurança da Informação voltada para SL.
/usr/home/lex: ZIMBRA: Restaurar .MSG # comment-form
I tried the Restore folder by folder, but emails are not there.

ZD is a great software and downloaded it for fear of losing emails in Yahoo,
but I lost the emails most important of my life. Suggested to Bugzilla (bug Zimbra) does not intervene in the original email (Yahoo, Gmail) user. This is not acceptable!

Thank you and sorry for the language. I am Brazilian and I do not speak
English. (Goolge traslator ...)