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Thread: Would like to exclude [Gmail] "All Mail" folder from Export

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    Default [SOLVED] Would like to exclude [Gmail] "All Mail" folder from Export

    Google's Gmail product includes an "All Mail" label/folder in which all received mail is stored and saved. The content of that label/folder shows up under [Gmail] in Zimbra Desktop. My "All Mail" folder contains more than 13,000 mails. Including this label/folder in my archives adds multiple gigabytes to my export file.

    Does anybody have any ideas for a simple way to exclude this "All Mail" folder from an Export?

    I tried moving the folder to Local Folders, but that was unsuccessful. I could delete the contents of the folder and then do the export, but the then the next time I sync it will take a long time as the "All Mail" content is repopulated. As far as I know, when exporting it is not possible to use the data entry box at the top of the Choose Folder dialog box (which pops up upon clicking "All folders") to specify exclusion of only one folder.

    Any good ideas to expediently exclude only "All Mail" from an export would be greatly welcomed.


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