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Thread: Lost Folders from Yahoo account????

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    Default Lost Folders from Yahoo account????

    Two weeks ago I noticed that one of my Yahoo accounts had empty folders. FREEK! Panic! Oh C_ _ P!

    I haven't used my ZD since and have been signing into each of my accounts individually. (Pain! ) All of my missing folders are in the Yahoo email account. I'm afraid that if I open ZD, the folder information will be deleted from my online email. I've changed my password so the info on ZD won't go to Yahoo, but IDK if I should delete that email on ZD and then reinstall or if I should delete ALL the accounts and reinstall the ZD, like start from the beginning, again. Taking that amount of time is no consideration, just a pain.

    Also, does anyone know if this is from the security breach in September and if I should be worried about any of my other email accounts?

    Does anyone have any ideas or advice??????
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    Dear moderators, thanks for catching and deleting the spam message that someone tried posting.

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