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Thread: Google Apps for Business and Corporate IMAP with same email

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    Default Google Apps for Business and Corporate IMAP with same email - conflict

    Hi all. I tried searching the forums for this particular issue but didn't find any matches. I apologize if this has been addressed already.

    We use Google Apps for our corporate calendar, but not for email. We are running a Cyrus email server. I also use Google to hold my contacts.

    I was trying Zimbra to see if it would handle this amalgam of services better than Outlook. But I have run into an issue in that the login for the Google Apps for business *IS* the same as the Cyrus email address.

    Zimbra balks when I try to setup the google account: account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS: email address already exists

    Any ideas on a way to circumvent this?

    Thanks in advance,

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