I had Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 installed on a Windows 7 laptop. Many of my emails were from an old email account that is no longer active. Yet I could still view them on my laptop and even forward them using my current gmail account. I have a tgz backup file and all the Zimbra directories from my laptop saved. For consistency, I installed ZD 7.1.4 on a new Windows 8 desktop that I now have and tried to import my old email first using the tgz file, but that didn't work since my old email account was no longer active. I next tried erasing the installed files from Program Files (x86)\Zimbra and also the AppData\Local\Zimbra directory and replaced them directly with those same files from my Windows 7 installation that I had backed up to try to trick Zimbra into working with the same files my laptop was using. That didn't work either so I imagine something in the registry didn't match up with the files that I replaced. I desperately need these old emails. The email is all mine, I just need to be able to import the emails to Zimbra Desktop on my new computer even though my prior email account is no longer active. I find it hard to believe that this isn't a straightforward thing to do. My laptop is old and on its last legs and is no longer reliable. I am even willing to pay a reasonable fee for a support case but haven't been able to get an access code to do that. PLEASE HELP!