I so want Zimbra to be my mail client of choice but whatever mail client I use, there seems to be a issue that prevents me from embracing the client fully.
The thing I love about Zimbra is it syncs my google calendar and contacts which is fantastic, I still never used it as I didn't want to use my Microsoft accounts using pop3.

Then suddenly Microsoft opened up IMAP support, so I thought great, I'll give Zimbra another go and set my accounts using just that.
So I set out to configure my accounts again using the settings provided at the Outlook.com blog...

Outlook Blog - Outlook.com now has IMAP

According to the settings at the blog SMTP requires TLS but Zimbra only supports SSL SMTP under IMAP config, so yet again the client has failed me and I'm back to square one. I tried connecting with Microsoft accounts under IMAP but I just can not get it to work.

Has anyone else successfully accessed there Microsoft mail using IMAP, if so can you help me out, or is this a known problem which does not work?