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Thread: Sent folder shows sender instead of recipient

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    Default Sent folder shows sender instead of recipient


    I'm switching from Opera to Zimbra Desktop.
    I have exactly the same problem as in this thread

    I'm not using ZCS but Zimbra Desktop. So importing is done by tgz files only.

    Any solution for this ?

    Just found out that it is not an import problem but a display bug in Zimbra.
    Changing the sort order of messages on a folder always display the correct recipient only for the upper message.
    So any update for this bug ?


    P.S.: If I don't get something good on monday morning, Zimbra is out and emclient will come in. Import in emclient works like a charm and all messages show recipient correctly.
    Not that I'm not patient but this is the kind of bug I can't imagine is there since it is only a display problem.
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    Ok. Zimbra is out. Spent enough time working on this.
    Done a few tests.
    I used Zimbra to send 10 tests emails to a few recipients I know, then I exported them with Zimbra to a tgz file.
    Imported them back in a new folder and the bug is there. Only the email at the top row shows the correct recipient. So we can say it is the file I exported from Opera since the same problem is there with the file exported with Zimbra.
    It looks like a good software but this bug is really annoying since I'm importing 1500 messages (I had 3000 before cleanup).
    Looks like there is no solution since I don't have any single reply to this thread.

    BTW, eMclient has 2 features that Zimbra lacks:
    1) Option to change the data folder to a different location. There are a few tweaks I saw in the forum but this is an option that should be easier to configure that editing a vbs file or going into the registry.
    2) Possibility to have this data folder to a network drive. Seems like Zimbra only accepts local drives.

    I'll check the changelogs from time to time to see if this bug is solved, but I don't expect something soon since the older thread with similar problem is 3 years old.


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