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Thread: Problem with Gmail validation

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    Default Problem with Gmail validation

    I have recently downloaded zimbra to consolidate my 3 email accounts. I can get 2 of them to validate, but not my gmail account. I have tried logging out of gmail - no validation. Then log back in - no validation. Message is always "check username and password." Since I can log into gmail, I know the password is correct. I have tried variations of he user name, using a user name, full email, etc., but can't get validation. I really like the look of zimbra, would like to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    Recently Zimbra stopped sending/receiving from both of my gmail accounts which were working prefectly up t about a month ago. I get an SMTP connection failure and I know there was no change and nothing wrong with my account. I have not found any resolution yet.

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