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Thread: autocomplete and links stopped working.

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    Default autocomplete and links stopped working.

    Autocomplete stopped over a month ago and I've deleted, reinstalled, posted here, searched online and found NO answers and got no reply on this forum. Two days ago the links in emails stopped working. I can't even open Support in the HELP tab on the desktop 7.2.2 version since clicking doesn't open the page in the Firefox browser. This version seems to have a lot of bugs and there apparently few answers provided. I deleted and re installed again this morning, I checked the batteries in the mouse, I made sure that links in other places worked and they do. The problem lies solely with zimbra desktop and I would like to know how to fix BOTH of these very annoying problems.

    Zimbera desktop is useless with these not working so I have closed it until a new version is released. Too many ongoing problems and no help so I certainly would not consider upgrading to a paid version.
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