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Thread: Can't get folder to sync

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    Question Can't get folder to sync

    OK, so I got Zimbra because I wanted to back up my Yahoo email to my PC. I initially tried Thunderbird, but the problems I was having, every solution I found was phrased in technical language and I'm not a techie. I finally gave up in frustration--but not before, somehow in the various things I tried, I ended up deleting everything in the one folder I most wanted to preserve. So I backed up everything else on Zimbra, exported it, and used 7-Zip to turn it into a file that can be read with a desktop email client. So far so good.

    Meanwhile I asked Yahoo to restore the crucial folder, which it did overnight (yay, Yahoo!). Only now I can't get Zimbra to back up that folder. It has the two emails that were in the folder yesterday, but not the restored ones. I'm guessing the restore broke the connection between the folder on Zimbra and that on Yahoo. How do I fix it? And PLEASE, I BEG YOU, talk "dumb" to me!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, nobody replied, so I screwed around until something worked. No idea what. Thanks anyway.

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