A week or 2 ago we implemented Zimbra at a customer of ours.
They have 5 Windows 7 computers (x64) where we deploy the Zimbra desktop trough a Group Policy. The problem we have is that the users switch computers from time to time. So when they switch from computer 1 to computer 2, and they open the Zimbra Desktop application they have to enter all the details again. Like server string. SSL settings and credentials.

So we are looking for a way to deploy Zimbra Desktop with some default settings, like the server IP, perhaps in some kind of config file or by modifying the MSI. We have looked into it for quiet some time but didn't find anything related to those settings.
Anyway, the end goal is to make users have to fill in as less details as possible (on every computer), so their username/password max. If any of you has some other idea we appreciate it as well.

Thanks in advance,