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Thread: Configure Zimbra Desktop client to access mail served by Office365

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    Default Configure Zimbra Desktop client to access mail served by Office365


    I cannot configure Zimbra 7.2.2 (Mac) to connect to an Office365 mail server. I'm asking for your help.

    I've searched Google and the forums, but I cannot find help for the topic.

    I tried connecting with Microsoft Exchange IMAP and then IMAP.

    I tried various port numbers (443, 993, 587) for the incoming and outgoing server.

    I tried all security options (SSL, TLS).

    I tried working with SMTP authentication.

    I compared the settings to Mac Mail (it's working with Office365) and Mac Outlook 2011. Both clients "work" but they have issues.

    I'm hoping Zimbra can outperform each in terms of features, functionality, speed and responsiveness.

    Please advise.



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    I am having similar issues, so am very interested in any tips or help. I am using Linux and mine does connect sometimes, and I get the folder structure and it starts to download existing email, but then fails with the error "user authenticated but not connected".

    For IMAP server I use: on SSL 993
    For SMTP server: on port 587
    User name is full email address.

    I can restart Zimbra desktop throughout the day, and eventually it connects and works, but then after about 10 - 15 minutes it stops with that same error. This makes me think that my settings are correct, but something is not right on office365.

    I did the same setup using Thunderbird and it exhibits the exact same behavior as Zimbra Desktop, it connects for a short time but then fails, with the exact same error "user authenticated but not connected".

    Are there any settings that might work better with Zimbra Desktop and Office365?

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