Just started using ZDesktop [v. 7.2.2 in Windows 8.1] & I really like it. However, I've tried 3 times to reply to the same email & I keep getting "Invalid Addresses" message. The person I'm replying to is in my address book. Although the address is automatically placed in the To: field, I tried selecting it from the address book anyway the 2nd & 3rd times I replied.

After reading in the forum about a problem with blank emails being sent, I turned off all Zimlets just in case one of them was causing a problem. THEN I sent the 3rd reply. Nothing I've tried works.

Another problem is that the email is not being placed in the Sent folder when I send it, even though I have checked that in my settings. I did save it as a draft before I sent it. Fortunately after the first failure, I copied my reply to a text program to save it so I wouldn't have to recreate it again.

I need to reply to other messages. I have one saved draft waiting at this point. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on?