I have been trying to search the forums for answers but I've been getting nowhere.

I have multiple email personality disorder.

I've got two or three of my own personal email accounts and about the same for work. I'd like to create two (or more) personalities that allow me to separate the personal from work emails. I want to read my email when I want (as we do now) but I only want to fetch, filter, and read work emails during specific hours.

Currently, I have two profiles under thunderbird that allows me to have two separate instantiations of TB, one for personal and one for work.

Can we do this with Zimbra yet/now?
(It's the original reason I stopped using it.)

Thanks for everyone's time.

(Oh, and ideas on how to handle it if Zimbra doesn't do it, are also welcome. Key component *must* be, and is non-negotiable, that during "off hours" no access is made to the work email system(s).)