Several issues here so I will try to keep it concise.

Started having major issues with MS outlook, want to replace it with Zimbra Desktop. Set up GMail without any problem, love the interface, now I want to get my work email connected. Our third party IT help isn't so helpful, so I hope some experts on Zimbra can help.

If I can just sync up what is on the server now (.ost file) and not even worry about my archive (.pst file) I would be much happier. Our IT guy confirmed that we are not using IMAP (whatever that is) so I assume we are using POP protocol. I got the server names, username and password but keep getting error message when I try to set it up. I noticed that our outlook settings go through a proxy server and I don't know how to account for that. In my ideal scenario I would dump MS Outlook immediately as it also seems lead to other other office programs crashing. It is really starting to drive me crazy.

Please help me, point me in the right direction. Give me the right questions to ask IT guy, or look up myself. Error message attached (means nothing to me).

Thank you,

Cannot connect to.doc