I am trying to use ZD as a better tool to manage my gmail account. This includes being able to go into the gmail ALL MAIL folder/label and delete stuff. I am not trying to sync data from my gmail account to my desktop. I am just trying to use ZD to manage emails up on the gmail server.

How can I expose the gmail ALL MAIL folder to my ZD session?

I went into "program files(x86)\zimbra\zimbra desktop\data\datasource.xml" and modified
the two All Mail references from 'ignore=true' to 'ignore=false' (see below). I restart my ZD session and I don't see the All Mail folder/label exposed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

-<datasource syncAllFolders="true">

-<service calDavPrincipalPath="/principals/users/@USERNAME@" calDavTargetUrl="https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com" saveToSent="false" name="yahoo.com">

<folder sync="true" localPath="/Inbox" remotePath="Inbox"/>

<folder sync="false" localPath="Junk" remotePath="Bulk Mail"/>

<folder remotePath="Draft" ignore="true"/>

<folder sync="true" localPath="/Sent" remotePath="Sent"/>

<folder sync="false" localPath="/Trash" remotePath="Trash"/>

<folder remotePath="Junk" ignore="true"/>


-<service calDavPrincipalPath="/calendar/dav/@USERNAME@/user" calDavTargetUrl="https://www.google.com" saveToSent="false" name="gmail.com">

<folder sync="true" localPath="/Inbox" remotePath="INBOX"/>

<folder remotePath="[Gmail]" ignore="true"/>

<folder sync="false" localPath="/Trash" remotePath="[Gmail]/Trash"/>

<folder remotePath="[Gmail]/All Mail" ignore="false"/>

<folder remotePath="[Gmail]/Drafts" ignore="true"/>

<folder sync="true" localPath="/Sent" remotePath="[Gmail]/Sent Mail"/>

<folder sync="false" localPath="/Junk" remotePath="[Gmail]/Spam"/>

<folder remotePath="[Gmail]/Starred" ignore="true"/>

<folder remotePath="[Gmail]/Important" ignore="true"/>

<!-- below is for google app users -->

<folder remotePath="[Google Mail]" ignore="true"/>

<folder sync="false" localPath="/Trash" remotePath="[Google Mail]/Trash"/>

<folder remotePath="[Google Mail]/All Mail" ignore="false"/>

<folder remotePath="[Google Mail]/Drafts" ignore="true"/>

<folder sync="true" localPath="/Sent" remotePath="[Google Mail]/Sent Mail"/>

<folder sync="false" localPath="/Junk" remotePath="[Google Mail]/Spam"/>

<folder remotePath="[Google Mail]/Starred" ignore="true"/>

<folder remotePath="[Google Mail]/Important" ignore="true"/>