Hi, I have used Zimbra before but not for a few years, but I am familiar with the concept . I have 3 different Yahoo mail boxes and after a security scare recently with one of them, I want to have a local synchronised back up. So I installed ZD and set up two yahoo accounts (these are the two accounts that do not have any issues at Yahoo level at moment).

Sync starts as I would expect but in both cases never finishes, I get multiple instances of two errors,m sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both (see screenshot)ZD error-002.jpg

When I get the instructions to finish the authorisation process, I do that re validating now maybe 5 times in a day

Each account has synced approximately the last 2 years of emails from the accounts, but in each cases there are about 7 years of emails to download.

I dont care how long it takes, but I need to know the syncing is in process, and there is not much on screen to tell me it isn't. Visibility of sync progress and any errors (without selecting the set up screen is another issue I guess)

Any ideas?