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Thread: Going to spam and junk

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    Default Going to spam and junk

    To begin with, i am not pretty sure what kind of Zimbra i am using.
    Been using zimbra for 4 months now. Our company established to used the zimbra for all employees.
    It was very easy to use and simple. Write my email and send it right away to my client.
    i have 50 clients and none of them replied to my emails so i have to call them to verify if they have received my mails.
    My clients told me that they have not received any. I tried to email my gmail and yahoo mail account to test.
    when i oppened my gmail and yahoo mail, i found the emails in the junk and spam folder.
    I called back my clients and asked them to check their junk and spam folders if they could see my emails.
    most of the clients saw my mails in their junk and spam folders but the rest has no time to search on the junk and spam folders.
    this affects my negotiation with the clients. Some turned me down and never had the chance to read my mails anymore.
    some was discouraged because i always call them to check their junk and spam folders.
    one client that happened to become already a friend explained to me that the email i am using is not recognized or trusted by
    yahoo or google.

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    This usually happens for a couple of major reasons. This is something that the IT department should take care of...there is a lot they will be able to do but to actually FIX this 100%, beside the IT work, a little bit of time should pass.

    1) If this is a new public IP, google and yahoo are the smaller of the microsoft does not even allow those e-mails to the spam folder and directly discard them. Fix for this, your company could pay to be in a whitlist provider or you'll just have to wait until this new IP becomes "trusted" for microsoft.

    2) If your company is using dynamic IP should turn right now to a static one.

    3) Check out your public domain (what's at the right of your @) in this web page MX Lookup Tool - Check your DNS MX Records online - MxToolbox and run a "mx lookup". This will check if your domain/public ip is in any public blacklist. Then clic con "check problems", this will bring up a dashboard with possible errors. Most common amongst many mail servers I found: SMTP banner that does not include your reverse IP address, lack of SPF public records among many others.

    At the moment, the only thing you could do as a Zimbra user, is to ask IT peopole to solve the problem and ask your customers to mark your e-mails as "not spam" or whitelist you somehow in their outlooks and/or e-mail web clients.


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