Im am posting this message as other queries to this question are very old.

Zimbra Desktop 7.2.5 GA (build 12038) / MS Exchange
Windows 7 pro fully patched

Tried to add a signature as HTML, with three graphics and text
Graphics = 25kb in 4 images
Word shows the entire signature inc. graphics as 170 characters with spaces?

Get message
- HTML Signature exceeds maximum length of 1,024 ( it includes the html tags ).

Signature looks like::


Senders Name
Marketing Manager

"Company Logo" (4kb)

p 61 (0)2 9999 9999
f 61 (0)2 8888 8888
m 0400000000

Facebook Link / Twitter Link (1.15kb / 1.16kb)

Company Promo Logo (21kb)

How to fix.
Best approach with this type of signature.
This company is forever changing / adding something on their signatures (Marketing Dept - say no more).

Many thank for your help