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Thread: ZD 7.2.5 drag and drop picture attachments

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    Default ZD 7.2.5 drag and drop picture attachments

    I'm a long time Zimbra user at work as well as private. I operate two Zimbra servers, but now my company has made the (fatal) decision to move to Outlook365 or whatever it is called. I am I linux user, and this seldom work well with Microsoft web applications. I have been spoiled for the last decade with the Ajax Zimbra GUI which is the best Web GUI for any mail system, bar none. I refuse to suffer daily with a sh*ty GUI from MS. So I was really happy when I received the twitter message that Zimbra Desktop was alive again (if it ever was dead). I've used ZD a little bit in the past, but I always felt that the Web GUI was the best. Now Zimbra Desktop comes to my rescue.

    However: I can drag and drop attachments to the "attachment bar" in ZD, but I'm unable to drag pictures directly into the mail message to be displayed together with the message text. Is this not possible with Zimbra Desktop?


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    it can, have you tried?

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