Summary: Very nice application. I even wrote a blog post about it, here:

I tried the Linux version, Fedora Core 6, latest w/updates

Minor annoyances:
* Probably should inform users that they need to chmod +x then run it such as ./
* No auto-detection of where my web browser is, by default. I had to specify it.
* Upon specifying it, the application just closed. I was doing this in Workspace 1 and i thought it had crashed. In fact, it had already opened up the config tool in Workspace 3 (where my browser was).

Everything else just worked. Highly impressed. Syncing took some time, but it was just amazing.

Now, installing it into ~/zimbra/zdesktop is dandy, but what happens when I reboot? Do I need to run ~/zimbra/zdesktop/zdesktop to get things going? By the looks of it, that's a yes. So maybe automatically linking a shortcut to ~/Desktop will make more sense (i.e. make it more user friendly)

OK. Keep up the good work, and thanks for a rocking product.