I am using a Mac OS X PowerPC architecture, version 10.4.9.
The JAVA version I am using is:"1.5.0_07".

I tried to install from installer downloaded yesterday (...0_38...) under my own user account into my one of my own folders.

The install procedure does never finish -it stops at the point when it tries to initialize services.

Later I tried to start by hand from the command line too.The status still stayed: stopped. Last I found the only log file under the log directory: "zdesktop.out", when looking into it the root cause seemed to be:

Fatal error: terminating: Failed to loadLibrary(zimbra-native)
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Users/mob/zimbra/zdesktop/lib/libzimbra-native.jnilib:

Any ideas,anyone success with Mac OS X installs on PPC ?