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    I was reading today about the new Google API (Google Gears) to use web applications offline. As I'm not a programmer, I was wondering if this could be useful for Zimbra to. Or whether it would be better that Zimbra continued developping its desktop for offline use.
    What do you think out there?


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    It's a good question to ask. Google Gears are designed to address the need to take Web applications offline in a very generic way. It will work well if the application logic is mostly implemented by javascripts. Since a large portion of Zimbra application logic lives in server code, you really cannot use a generic toolkit to take it offline.

    Of course as Google Gears evolve, in the future we may find some of its technology useful to complement our offline approach. However it's highly unlikely that any generic offline framework can replace what we are doing.

    It's a short answer to a complex question, but hope I made the point clear. Thanks!
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